Writing Aids


As an author, I have searched, and searched for documents that would aid me in being able to accurately write a novel. I’d take bits and piece where I needed, but I never had anything that fully satisfied those needs. I ran in to other writers who were going through the same problems. They were wonderful for certain parts of the book, but they weren’t right for the writer.

I have attempted to make a set of worksheets that you can use at any point in your novel. They have differing styles, and are general enough that you can remove and add as needed. As I go, I will add more documents that are more focused on genre, and some requests from writers. The goal is to make a set of documents that you can use and add information as needed.

All of this is FREE. There are no payments and I want you to be able to access it at any point that it is needed.

But! If you are able to donate, that would be wonderful! It’ll help me keep this going, and prevent any future issues. You are able to donate on the Ko-Fi button below.

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